Textiles and Fashion

The College has built on its craft trade roots to expand and develop craft facilities and increase the opportunities for students studying applied arts in recent years.

Textiles and ceramics courses at the College were among the most popular courses in the UK in the early 1980s when the Design Crafts team first wrote the Business and Higher Education Council (BTEC) Higher National Diploma (HND) courses which were approved in 1983, and which led, ten years later, to the development of the College’s Design Crafts Degree courses.

The current Applied Arts team are proud to be the longest-serving course team in the College and in 2002 the team decided to change the subject name from Design Crafts to Contemporary Applied Arts, widening the scope of activities, and in 2005 the full-time MA in Contemporary Applied Arts course began.

Applied Arts courses are popular with Cumbrian students and also attract many students from other parts of the country who sometimes remain in Cumbria to set up their businesses here.

Fashion shows of further education student work were a lively part of the annual exhibitions in the 1990s and it is likely that through Foundation degrees, Fashion may reappear again in the near future.