Part-time, Short Courses
& Non-vocational

Throughout its long history the College has offered courses of part time study, essentially of two kinds - cultural and non vocational leisure classes, and vocational study, which have always reflected the needs of local industry and employment opportunities. Popular vocational courses have included fashion and textiles, hairdressing, painting and decorating, lithography and trade print, photography and commercial design.

Until 1946 the College never had more than 20 full- time students, and part-time students far outnumbered these. The highly-regarded leisure classes have always had a loyal and devoted following.

Drawing and painting classes were an important part of the college’s provision during the 1980s and 1990s and many part-time students made decisions that led them to become full-time students after they experienced the excellent facilities that the College made available.

Courses have reflected changing technologies and the demands of local employers. In recent years the College has become a major provider of digital training for local industry.