Business, European Project
& Overseas Links

In the 1980s, the College started to feel confident enough about the quality of its activities to seek to develop overseas relationships.

Cumbria has traditionally not been the most outward looking part of the UK and there was initial suspicion and some resistance to forging links with educational institutions in other countries.

In the mid 1980s regular staff and student exchanges with the art college in Urbino, Italy, started to take place and that relationship has continued and developed for more than 20 years, with the most recent manifestation being the presentation by College staff at the international conference of the International Visual Sociology Association in Urbino in 2006.

In recent years the College has established productive relationships with Scandinavian arts institutions and this has led to a substantial number of students from Sweden and Denmark coming to Carlisle for their specialist courses throughout the 1990s.

The College now has links with universities and colleges in Europe, North America, South Africa and India. The College regularly participates in European projects with partner colleges throughout Europe and this leads to an ever increasing number of students from those countries seeking to come to Carlisle for their higher education. More European students are now applying for exchange places from European than the College can easily accommodate.

The College has been the lead organisation for international conferences with partner institutions from North America and Europe throughout the past decade.