This is an attempt to record its varied history and changes over some 180 years through local academy, Victorian art school and regional college to an institution of higher education with a national role and an international reputation. The Cumbria Institute of the Arts has played a pivotal role in the birth of the University which come into being in August 2007.

An exhibition at the College in July will witness its proud transformation by acknowledging its contribution to the creative life of Cumbria and beyond. The exhibition will set out to record the achievements and social history of the College and try to capture the experiences of those who both taught and learned there.

It is intended to follow the exhibition with a publication, incorporating material not included in the exhibition, and to that end we will be pleased to hear from anyone with contributions which can be considered for this purpose.

If you have any press cuttings, photographs, artwork or any other ephemera we will be pleased to hear from you. We would like to post your material on this web site and consider it for the book.

Thank you for making sure “the Art College” is not forgotten!

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